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Empowering Real Estate Excellence

We are an established project management group with over a decade of expertise in Dubai's dynamic real estate sector. Our team is a blend of multilingual professionals with diverse skill sets, ensuring comprehensive project management solutions for both new and ongoing real estate ventures.

Our portfolio showcases a variety of projects, both internal and external, reflecting our versatility and commitment to excellence. We constantly seek partnerships with innovative developers to contribute to Dubai's evolving real estate landscape.

As a full-service Project Management Team, we offer end-to-end Real Estate Development Solutions. Our journey with a project begins from the moment of site acquisition and extends until the project is fully completed and ready for its intended use.

We represent and protect the interests of developers, ensuring that their projects are delivered on time, within scope, and meet all quality standards.

Our Unique Approach:

  • Detail-focused and proactive involvement in projects.

  • Centralized communication control – A single point of contact for all client interactions.

  • Efficient management of all project stakeholders through a single interface.

  • Negotiated preferred rates with suppliers, contractors, and specialists.

  • Access to an extensive and up-to-date database of industry participants.

  • Specialized expertise in areas like Value Engineering, in-house Façade & MEP Consultation, and Procurement Processes.

  • Rigorous review, audit, and enhancement of designs, shop drawings, Bills of Quantities (BOQs), contracts, and reports.

Life Cycle

Pre Construction
During Construction
Post Construction
Feasibility Study
Post Construction
Consultant and Contractor Appointment
On-site Management
BCC: DCD, DPS, DEWA, Master Developer NOC
Contracts Negotiation & Finalization
Client Representaion in All Relevant Authorities
RERA Formalities (Unit Survey, Title Deed)
Design Review/Assessments/Optimization
Procurement & Specialized Contracts
Handover Process Implementation & Snagging
Approvals Follow-up
Handover To OA
Unit Configuration
Sales & Marketing Support
Escrow Closure and Retention Release
RERA Affairs
RERA Affairs
Escrow Setup
Customer Services & Admin
Sales & Marketing Support
Marketing Plan Input
Escrow Operations

Domain Specialization

Rera Affairs
Construction Management
Developer Registration
Finalize & Negotiate All Contracts (Consultant, Contractors)
Suppliers Database
Project Registration
Design & BOQ Assessments & Sign Off
Factory Databse & Preffered Rates
Unit Registration (Survey)
Site Management & Supervision
Comprehensive Comparative Analysis
Oqood Setup & Admin
Weekly Reports
Specializes Contracts (CCTV, Pool...)
Escrow Account Setup & Management
Stake Holders Management (Contractor, Consultant)
Interior Designer Appointment
Title Deed
Subcontructors Comparative Analysis & Appointment
Value Engineering
Quarterly RERA Technical Inspection
Client Representative in All Releveant Authorities
Yearly RERA Audit
Quality Checks & Site Inspections
Termination/Settlement of Units
Change Management
Compliance with RERA Initiatives - Sustainable Community
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