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Where Elegance Meets Urban Splendor

Centurion Star

Centurion Star stands as a beacon of progress in the heart of Deira, distinguishing itself as the only Commercial Freehold Building in the area. This high-tech, 12-story twin tower complex encompasses 168 offices and 22 retail units, offering a blend of stylish design, world-class construction, and magnificent views of the Dubai Creek and the Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club. With its comprehensive amenities, including health clubs, saunas, steam rooms, and a rooftop temperature-controlled pool, alongside 375 parking spaces, Centurion Star has swiftly become a landmark for business excellence and innovation.




Indoor & Outdoor fitness area

Infinity pool

Outdoor BBQ
and dining

Outdoor games table zone

Padel tennis court


The Centurion Star Tower, with its two blocks, is a testament to stylish design and architectural excellence. Over 40% of the land plot is dedicated to public landscaping, adorned with lush greenery and elegant fountains, enhancing the beauty of the building and the surrounding neighbourhood. The presence of a private drop-off and valet area mitigates the hustle of the bustling Deira area, ensuring swift and convenient accessibility for owners and visitors alike.


Inside, the Centurion Star Tower reveals a world of luxury and efficiency with its 168 office spaces ranging from 800 to 1490 square feet, alongside 22 retail shops. Each unit is designed to embody a high standard of quality, with individual freehold title deeds. The interiors are marked by their world-class finishes, reflecting the project's commitment to providing a prestigious business environment.


Centurion Star is strategically positioned in the vibrant heart of Deira, a mere 10 minutes from the airport and less than a minute from the Deira City Centre metro station. This prime location not only offers magnificent views of the Dubai Creek and the Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club but also ensures unparalleled convenience and accessibility. The surrounding area thrives with energy, making Centurion Star an ideal spot for businesses looking to immerse themselves in Dubai's dynamic commercial landscape.

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